New Driver Courses

New Driver Courses

Are you nervous about your teenager getting behind the wheel of the family car? Our Novice Driver Courses are a safe, low-pressure way to introduce a teenager to driving before taking a Driver’s Education course. New arrivals to Hawaii, even if they have some driving experience, can also benefit from these courses.

We offer a range of options:

  1. A 2-hour quick introduction to the basics of how a car behaves and reacts to your inputs. This can be easily completed in one session so you can book 2 consecutive hours if you wish.
  2. A 4-hour course that covers the basics and introduces a few common real-world situations. We recommend completing this course in either 2 or 4 sessions.
  3. An 8-hour comprehensive course covering most of the topics that you’ll learn in a Driver’s Ed program. 
2 to 8 45-minute sessions
  • Basic Controls
  • Instruments
  • Turning & Corners
  • Turning & Corners

For novices $90-360

  • Urban Driving
  • Suburban Driving
  • Highway Driving
  • Intersections